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Rip McMurphy

Senior Writer/Editor

I run it and write it at the Morning Nightcap. Long walks. Beaches. Booze. Food for thought. Yeah, I like all that. It’s what you bring in and what you leave behind…



Steve P.

Senior Writer

I put words on pages and screens. I more or less live in Endor- or at least, I’m surrounded by redwood trees all day. I prefer 21 year old Balvenie, but I’ll accept an IPA if you’re offering. I make right wingers and establishment democrats angry for fun and profit.


Senior Writer

I teach college students about the virtues of the Luddites while working at a software development company. I rely on name calling and hyperbole because facts are for schmucks.


Chris Conner





Jacob M.


I eat potato chips in bed and attempt to write poetry.




Brandon L. Mouser


Brandon Mouser is a public sociologist and philosopher who lives and works in Indiana. Much of his academic work focuses on understanding inequality and social problems. Growing up in a small, rural factory town in Southern Indiana, he has dedicated his life to fighting for working families.

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The Ghost of Lance Griswold


I hate you and I vote.



griggs-bw-01Kenneth Griggs


Deranged poet laureate of Morning Nightcap, Ken is our literary buff.




Robb LoRee


Veteran. Ironworker. Bernie supporter. Robb is our resident left wing vet from Flint, Michigan.