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The Power of Illusion: How Indianoplace Spurs Ideological Control

“Sports always have had an important social function…modern American sports culture shapes cultural attitudes, norms, and power arrangements, and it also serves as a key place to look if you want to understand how these norms and power structures have

What have you done today to make me feel proud: A Queer Reading On The Left

Christopher T. Conner, PhD. Washburn University As May ends and Pride Festivals begin, it is important now more than ever to understand what these festivals symbolize.  While many individuals within our community feel as though the achievement of marriage equality

State of the Political Left from a Jaded Chicken Farmer

Editor’s Note: This piece by Ken is the first in a series on the state of the Democratic Party and “The Left”. Our writers were given a series of questions for a “Panel Discussion” style response piece. As expected, Ken

Trump Presidency, Refugees, and the Golden Door

Fallen Maiden political poem

Reading about Trump potentially signing a temporary immigration ban that targets muslims and refugees not only saddens, but it disgusts me. One, refugees are victoms of attrocities in parts of the world where they don’t have the sheltered freedoms and

The Two Americas: An Election Eve Sociological Contemplation

By Christopher T. Conner, PhD. Washburn University and Juan Ramos Washburn University As a sociologist, my role in life is to place current events in their proper historical and political context.  Within the discipline, we call this the sociological imagination—a

Notes From The Meat Grindr: Lessons From The #1 Gay Dating App

Christopher T. Conner Assistant Professor of Sociology Washburn University A central question that many of my gay friends and I talk about is why people behave “like idiots” on Grindr. Like most gay men, my relationship with the app is


by Jacob M. Gotta be careful not to be “too black” How do white people act? Study Barack Dial it back. Pack a skittles, Don’t it look like A gat? Where the headlines at? Couple weeks, watch the lines go

Standing Up To Trump Doesn’t Make You Brave

Anyone with eyeballs and the ability to read a few words lately has witnessed a barrage of protests and social media outcries specifically aimed at Donald Trump. “Not My President!” and “I’ll give Trump all the respect he gave Obama”

For The Love Of Everything Sacred, Please, Hipsters, Don’t Ruin Standing Rock

File this one under “No one should have to say this. Well, not again anyway.” Or, “That didn’t take long…” The ongoing action in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline has an underreported story within what is already a tragically

President-Elect Trump: Reality TV is New American Reality

Donald Trump pulled off one of the greatest long cons in history by winning the 2016 Presidential election. The con was so great because he didn’t hide it. He put it all out there for everyone to see and challenged

The War on Drugs is Not a Partisan Issue

John Stossel is an asshat. This is a scientifically accurate fact. Occasionally slithering out of his underground lair to antagonize the least well-off and to remind us that pinkos are wusses, Stossel has carved out a niche among the neo-conservative movement

If Only Elections Got The Turnout of Pokémon GO

Politics Pokemon Go

We’ve slugged through the mess of presidential primary season and now we’re lurching towards the horizon of November elections. Sure, Trump is something from Idiocracy and Hillary is what she is, but the real buzz out there is Pokémon GO.

Watch: Muslim-American Woman Told To Leave Store Over Her Refusal To Remove Hijab

muslim american woman hijab

A Muslim-American Mother of 4 was recently asked to leave a Family Dollar Store for refusing to remove her face veil. At a Family Dollar Store in Gary, Indiana, Sarah Safi, who is a Muslim-American mother of four children, was

To Prevent Another Massacre: The Orlando Shooting

Orlando Shooting Gun Control

On June 12th, 50 people were killed and 53 were injured when Omar Mateen opened gunfire at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. Omar Mateen was killed in a police shootout after he had taken people as hostages. Racism, homophobia and lack of

One Weird Trick to Prevent Gun Violence

The Nightcap News Desk has just received word that King Obama is in the process of drafting an executive order sending a hoard of jackbooted government thugs from the IRS and FEMA into your neighborhood to confiscate all yer guns! 

Orlando, Mass Shootings, and The Failure of Common Sense

Orlando Shooting

I’m tired of seeing news about mass shootings in the U.S. We are really good at inventing and allowing our own tragedies. Senselessly. And, it’s infuriating. I don’t care how you feel about guns and the 2nd Amendment. Logic has

The Forgotten Black Female Victims of Police Brutality

sayhername blm

#SayHerName is a hashtag that is often said on the Internet, but seems to be hidden from the rest of the world. We all know about black male victims of police brutality and what their names are. The most well

U.S. Court of Appeals Reinstates Tom Brady’s Suspension Because That’s What Our Judicial System Needs to Be Doing

It’s hard to believe. Now well over a year removed, we are still talking about deflated footballs, the New England Patriots, and Tom Brady. I’m not going into too many details because honestly I don’t want to get back into