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State of the Left: An Exercise in Exasperation

Editor’s Note: This piece by Steve is part of a series on the state of the Democratic Party and “The Left”. Our writers were given a series of questions for a “Panel Discussion” style response piece.  What are your feelings about

State of the Political Left from a Jaded Chicken Farmer

Editor’s Note: This piece by Ken is the first in a series on the state of the Democratic Party and “The Left”. Our writers were given a series of questions for a “Panel Discussion” style response piece. As expected, Ken

Progressives, For The Sake Of The Country, Stop Splitting Hairs

Half the damn country’s waking up pissed every morning. Or in genuine concern for friends and loved ones. Some people are waking up in real fear. And Fear is the hottest stock on the planet. Right now is not the

Millions Of Americans Demand Fascism Put Its Robe Back On

The only legitimate answer to “can you believe Trump said/did ___?” is yes. Not coincidentally, “yes” is also the answer to “can you believe (name any member of the two party system) said/did ___?”  It’s not like people haven’t been

Sometimes, Violence IS The Answer

There is absolutely nothing that anyone could say to convince me to believe anything short of hitting the reset button on our current system of rule will stop the acceptance of poisoning people for profit. We rightfully lionize a senator

Commit A Thought Crime. Then Vocalize It. This Offer Will Expire.

Think about this for a second: Saying the US government commits war crimes isn’t a crime until you provide physical evidence that they do. The Patriot Act and the NDAA have some very mutable guidelines for detaining people preemptively. As

Steal The Narrative: Making Cold War II Great Again

Out of all the really good things that Reagan gave us, from trickle-down economics to ignoring the AIDS epidemic, to trading arms for hostages, the one real bummer was the end to the Cold War. The 80s were a much

Memo From The Sports Desk: Attn “Liberals”

Well, friends and neighbors, it’s Election Day in the Land of the Free…er…how’s about we just go with Land of the Never-Ending Police State with some War for Profit thrown in for kicks. That’ll work. How do I know that’s

The Democratic National Convention May Be More Violent Than 1968

1968 DNC Chicago Riots

When the Democratic Primary kicked off last year, the Party Elite snickered and thought it was cute that Bernie Sanders was running for president. They laughed, they mocked, they held lavish fundraisers, and then they laughed again. Something happened once

Take The Plunge; Make The Pledge.

Dump the DNC

I don’t know, nor would I presume to pigeonhole anyone’s musical tastes. Art is subjective, and that’s what makes it lasting and beautiful. Or destructive. Or a way to find form in chaos. Or a port in a storm. Sometimes,

The Progressive Independent Party Is Here, And They Want Your Support. Here’s Why They Deserve That Support

Progressive Independent Party

Americans have, for decades, sought out alternative measures to voting for a Democrat or a Republican in local, state, and national elections. This has certainly been an effective strategy in many cases. Hell, look at Bernie Sanders. He’s a lifelong

It’s Easy For The Corporate Media To Look Smart In A Rigged Primary

All over social media, there’s been widespread reporting on voter fraud from the first caucus in Iowa to Tuesday’s complete and total skullfuck of democracy in Arizona. But that’s social media. If you run a Google search for “Cable news reports on

The Progressive Independent Party: The Case For A New Path Forward

I opened up the laptop Saturday morning, and one of the first things I saw was one more fucking online petition. So I started scrolling, but my eyeballs were tracking up to finish reading the text of the petition. Which

The Politics Of Panic And Fear

There’s a piece up over at Salon by Bill Curry, former White House counselor to Bill Clinton. The entire article is worth reading if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m going to quote some highlights, and take you through what

This Was Never Supposed To Happen- Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan

Just this morning, Hillary Clinton had upwards of a 22 point lead in Michigan. Nate Silver gave her a 99% chance of winning, not just by a bit, but heavily. At the time of this posting, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Vice-Chair Of The DNC Resigns, Throws Support To Bernie Sanders

Tulsi Gabbard DNC

File this one under “Memo From The Sports Desk”: In an unprecedented move of common fucking sense, the vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee has resigned from her post in order to support Senator Bernie Sanders. From Bill Moyers’s website,

As South Carolina Votes, Many Are Still Asking #WhichHillary?

#WhichHillary #BlackLiveMatter Hillary Clinton

That’s right, friends, the South Carolina Primary is happening right now. And if Team Clinton doesn’t match or beat Bernie Sanders’s 22 point win in New Hampshire, they flat the fuck out lost. SC is Hill’s firewall. Long-predicted to be

21 Million, 667 Thousand Reasons Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Care About The Transcripts Of Her Speeches

Hillary Clinton

I’m sick and fucking tired of the bickering about the transcripts of speeches Hillary Clinton gave to Goldman Sachs. Why the shit should anyone care about the context of the speech? She’s by far one of the most intelligent and