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The Power of Illusion: How Indianoplace Spurs Ideological Control

“Sports always have had an important social function…modern American sports culture shapes cultural attitudes, norms, and power arrangements, and it also serves as a key place to look if you want to understand how these norms and power structures have

A Millennial’s View of the Political Left

Editor’s Note: This piece by Jacob is part of a series on the state of the Democratic Party and “The Left”. Our writers were given a series of questions for a “Panel Discussion” style response piece to either address each question

State of the Left: An Exercise in Exasperation

Editor’s Note: This piece by Steve is part of a series on the state of the Democratic Party and “The Left”. Our writers were given a series of questions for a “Panel Discussion” style response piece.  What are your feelings about

Sanders Set To Introduce Single Payer Legislation. How Will Democrats React?

Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country. That’s not hubris or gloating, that’s by the numbers. Medicare is second only to Social Security as the most popular government program. Federal funding for public education is third. Looking

Trump’s War on the Poor

I will get right to the meat of this; I grew up poor. I’ve lived in more trailer parks than I could possibly count, and hot dogs on Kroger brand bread was a staple at dinner time. And when growing up

State of the Political Left from a Jaded Chicken Farmer

Editor’s Note: This piece by Ken is the first in a series on the state of the Democratic Party and “The Left”. Our writers were given a series of questions for a “Panel Discussion” style response piece. As expected, Ken

Tom Perez Is The Perfect DNC Chair For This Moment In Time

The DNC voted today to send a message to a country where millions of people are reeling and nervous and scared and pissed and in the streets protesting. That message was “Corporate donors and suburban Republicans are the future of

Jimmy Dore and Nick Braña Dissect This Fundamental Truth: The Democratic Party Exists To Keep The Left In Check

The idea that progressives will have all the time in the world to hold an elected Democrat’s “feet to the fire” once they’re in office has been one of the selling points neoliberals offer every election cycle. Along with that

Progressives, For The Sake Of The Country, Stop Splitting Hairs

Half the damn country’s waking up pissed every morning. Or in genuine concern for friends and loved ones. Some people are waking up in real fear. And Fear is the hottest stock on the planet. Right now is not the

The Terrorism We Should Worry About Is On Our Own Soil

In high school, I had what one would call an “irrational fear”. While at school one day, a voice over the intercom announced there was a bomb threat on the campus, and that all classes were to lock their doors

Trump Presidency, Refugees, and the Golden Door

Fallen Maiden political poem

Reading about Trump potentially signing a temporary immigration ban that targets muslims and refugees not only saddens, but it disgusts me. One, refugees are victoms of attrocities in parts of the world where they don’t have the sheltered freedoms and

Commit A Thought Crime. Then Vocalize It. This Offer Will Expire.

Think about this for a second: Saying the US government commits war crimes isn’t a crime until you provide physical evidence that they do. The Patriot Act and the NDAA have some very mutable guidelines for detaining people preemptively. As

The Two Americas: An Election Eve Sociological Contemplation

By Christopher T. Conner, PhD. Washburn University and Juan Ramos Washburn University As a sociologist, my role in life is to place current events in their proper historical and political context.  Within the discipline, we call this the sociological imagination—a

The Women’s March Wasn’t Just Historic, It Gave Us A Tremendous Gift

Millions took to the streets in cities across the US and the globe in the single largest protest action in American history. The Women’s March on DC and their sister marches are unprecedented for many, many reasons. There are estimates

Get Ready For The “Astroturf Resistance” (pat. pending)

Mark these words: Trump’s presidency will spark the largest and most feckless “resistance” movement in history. If successful, it will entirely overshadow every single legitimate grass roots organization and protest action along the way. It’s already happening, in fact. Unsurprisingly, it’s

Be Resilient

Today is the day. What a time to be alive, no? A Cheeto in a wispy wig will become the 45th president of the United States of America. And while the internet will be set ablaze with useless arguing and

On Inauguration Eve, Democrats Mourn Loss Of Qualified People To Run Oligarchy

Since electing a black man with a Muslim sounding name wasn’t enough to drive home the point that anyone can become president in America, we’re swearing in a clown tomorrow who selects his cabinet appointees by saying “wouldn’t it be really

Steal The Narrative: Making Cold War II Great Again

Out of all the really good things that Reagan gave us, from trickle-down economics to ignoring the AIDS epidemic, to trading arms for hostages, the one real bummer was the end to the Cold War. The 80s were a much