Commit A Thought Crime. Then Vocalize It. This Offer Will Expire.

Think about this for a second: Saying the US government commits war crimes isn’t a crime until you provide physical evidence that they do. The Patriot Act and the NDAA have some very mutable guidelines for detaining people preemptively. As in, you know, before you do the thing they’re indefinitely detaining you for. Because Habeas Corpus doesn’t apply to any actual or perceived crime if it falls under terrorism.

The Land of the Free is home to the largest State-sponsored surveillance network on the planet. Of its own citizens. Now the Trump administration has the keys. And if that didn’t make you at least a smidge nervous, how’d you feel when Obama had them? How do we continue to maintain the facade that as long as we obey the law, we have nothing to be afraid of from our own government and police?

We’re fighting a global war against an idea with an arsenal. Their resources are a bonus, but nothing short of the extinction of that particular thought is the goal. And if we aren’t at open war with the police, what the fuck is Standing Rock? What the fuck is 5-10 for “felony” protesting? You can catch a charge for not pulling a permit to feed homeless people. Or collecting rain water. The CEO of Nestle thinks water is a privilege, not a right. And I fucking guarantee you that guy owns more politicians than you do.

Donny HookerPiss Trump has the keys to the largest surveillance system on the planet with blanket authority to spy on every American citizen, and that isn’t the scary part. The scary part is that Trump is the natural next step on the path to the State finalizing its merger with private corporations. There’s a name for that…I’m sure of it. We’ve spent the last several decades shitting on every anti-trust and regulation we had on the books and now a fucking billionaire grifter with more conflicts of interest than artificial skin tones is the government’s chief executive. The hard work is already done.

All that’s left for these flat the fuck out sociopaths to do is cripple or abolish laws that pertain to our rights and civil liberties. And everything is on the table right now. Everything. As long as it doesn’t fuck with the profit margins too much. Thirty years of electing Reagan republicans and calling them Democrats. Thirty years of electing proto-fascists and religious zealots and pretending they’re Reagan republicans. That’s what We The People are and should be in the streets protesting.

Stop asking people if they’re a Republican or a Democrat and start asking them “Say, do you think it’s cool that there’s Humvee’s armed with Surface-to-Air Missiles at Standing Rock, ND?


Ask people that question while you’re still allowed to. The Civil Rights and Liberties of Black, Brown & Beyond have always been on the table. Removing those rights and making it law would no doubt spark protest. Another question to ask should be “How much time is left on the clock in post 9-11 America before protesting the government becomes an official act of terrorism?” We can’t stop an oligarchy barreling headlong into fascism by electing people from the same two parties that put us here. Until we figure that one out, learn how to get along with your neighbors and start growing food.

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