Get Ready For The “Astroturf Resistance” (pat. pending)

Mark these words: Trump’s presidency will spark the largest and most feckless “resistance” movement in history. If successful, it will entirely overshadow every single legitimate grass roots organization and protest action along the way. It’s already happening, in fact. Unsurprisingly, it’s being spearheaded by Corporate Democrats and their partners in the corporate media. Who will inevitably find a way to (once again) fuck up the best hand they could have possibly been dealt.

Keith Olbermann has been foaming at the mouth since Election Day in a desperate bid to become relevantish again and to prove that irony is dead by extolling the woes of the working class in Trump’s America from his studio at GQ Magazine. David Brock is kissing progressive ass and John Lewis will be credited with starting the left’s own Tea Party by going on tv and saying he didn’t recognize Trump as a legitimate president. KO laid out the blueprints for this on Real Time last night.

Olbermann is introduced around the 30 minute mark and flat out says the Democrats need to emulate the Tea Party every single day. “Ruin their (Trump&Trumpkins) day. It’s a psychological war”. Granted, because this is an Astroturf movement, he was talking about Twitter. “That’s stealing from the Tea Party” he said. And he’s right. No one bothered to mention that both KO and Maher have made a ton of money by rightfully pointing out that the Tea Party Movement is a subsidiary of Koch Industries. But this is the Astroturf Resistance™, so the goal is to keep the oligarchy running smooth- not to bring about any meaningful changes to the system.

We’ll see the familiar faces in this watered down, made for Late Night With Colbert production of “Underdog Democrats Fight The Tyrannical Right”. And there will be limitless opportunities for the biting joke, the absolutely true and accurate dressing down of the disregard for basic human rights and civil liberties in every bit of GOP legislation, and non-stop clips of Corporate Democrats railing against that legislation that they know will pass. And because these things are virtually guaranteed, those dems can put forth bill after bill full of progressive policies that’ll never see the light of day.

Keep in mind that these are the same people who ran an entire election campaign on keeping everything exactly the same as it was for the last eight years. These are the politicians and the people in the media who are so invested in the status quo that they sold the American people Hillary Clinton and lost to Donny HookerPiss Trump. These same people were in charge while the Democratic Party lost over 1,000 state and national seats over the last eight years. These are the people who are freaking out that the GOP is getting rid of Mitt Romney’s health care plan. They want your time. They want your money. Remember that.

Don’t let Establishment Democrats and Establishment media co-opt the actual grass roots organizations that are working every day to get us out of the two party system. Away from the oligarchy we live in and to an actual representative republic. Because every single one of these Astroturf Resistance assholes will be asking for your time and money for the 2018 midterms every single day for the next two years. Which means a democratic Congress that will immediately pivot to the center-right and negotiate further to the right from there. We need to recognize the Astroturf Resistance for what it is- a marketing scam.


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