Jimmy Dore and Nick Braña Dissect This Fundamental Truth: The Democratic Party Exists To Keep The Left In Check

The idea that progressives will have all the time in the world to hold an elected Democrat’s “feet to the fire” once they’re in office has been one of the selling points neoliberals offer every election cycle. Along with that comes the inevitable litany of easily formatted reasons to never pass a single piece of progressive legislation as a Democrat. The Republicans are always the patsy. While it’s inarguably true that the GOP is just fucking terrible, their primary purpose as a political party is to expand the power of the Corporate State and military industrial complex. The general bigotry, racism, and misogyny in their social policies are the consequences the planet suffers when the machine in driven on Fear. The solution to that problem has proven time and time again to fall outside of the abilities of the Democratic Party. Their primary purpose is to keep a legitimate political left from gaining any real power in the United States.

There’s no hyperbole in that last sentence. Neither major political party in the US has any interest in representing any American making less than a quarter million a year. The Democrats understand that they eventually will get shamed into having a genuine humane response to their constituents wanting basic human and civil rights. And for their devotion to sort of getting around to what passes for a shred of damn humanity, your vote, your time, your money, and your malleable worldview is required. Part 1/4 of the interview between Jimmy Dore and Nick Braña is posted below. This is punk rock in dialogue.

Listen to Nick Braña run the numbers on how many Americans are simply not represented by a major political party. Day in and day out, Jimmy Dore reminds us that we live in the richest country in the history of god damn ever and 50% of the nation is poor.

We need a political party that represents the tens of millions that are a dropped transmission away from eviction. Or losing heat. Or electricity. Or food.

25 years of neoliberals in power, and we’ve gone from “I feel yer pain” to “We…tortured some folks”.


Braña has the right approach to third party politics. While we still have independent media, we should all help keep this conversation going.

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