Millions Of Americans Demand Fascism Put Its Robe Back On

The only legitimate answer to “can you believe Trump said/did ___?” is yes. Not coincidentally, “yes” is also the answer to “can you believe (name any member of the two party system) said/did ___?”  It’s not like people haven’t been screaming this at the top of their lungs for decades. Generations. You can be pissed, but there’s no legitimate reason to be surprised or shocked.

There is absolutely no question that Donny HookerPiss Trump is the fascist president of a country that has practiced the economics of fascism uninterrupted for over 35 years. There has been a seamless and nominally uncontested merger between corporations and the State. With the interests of both entities aligned, the police are without question the military arm of this merger. America is home to the largest domestic surveillance program on the planet.

Now that the mask is gone and the blatant fascist policies we’ve had for decades have met the narcissistic shitbird they’ve been waiting for in a chief executive, people are a bit freaked out. For many Americans, watching the list of Executive Orders roll out and senior State Department officials pack up and split faster than a mooch of wookies* in a squat house is just about e-fuckin’-nough to make them knit a goddamn hat. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama made the Democrats so comfortable with the softer side of fascism they were peddling that it took someone like Trump to get them out in the streets. Is that a hyperbolic statement? Fuck no. Right out the gate in his 1992 presidential bid, Bill Clinton left the campaign trail and flew back to Arkansas to oversee, then brag about the execution of a black man. A black man who had basically lobotomized himself in a failed suicide attempt while trying to avoid arrest for shooting a cop. The party as a rule has moved further to the right ever since.

Not convinced? George W. Bush had more Wall St. crooks prosecuted than Barack Obama. And that’s only because he didn’t get the memo that Democrats had no problem with Wall St. robbing people blind.

Throughout all of the right wing legislation, war, welfare reform, a 1994 Crime Bill that, paired with the influx of for-profit prisons and NAFTA, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the housing, lending, and banking crises, bailouts, and just fucking neck-bowed obedience to the tenets of economic fascism, the Democrats have always sounded good when there’s a social issue. They’ve made a fortune and hundreds of careers from being the “Yeah, but…” Party. The rights people have died for are nothing more than trading cards between two parties that exist solely to put a name to the face of government by corporate rule.

Now, thanks to the corporate formula of strong republicans and weak democrats, a party that has been overtly fascist in word and deed for a generation is in power.

* Mooch of Wookies: File Photo

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