The Progressive Independent Party: The Case For A New Path Forward

I opened up the laptop Saturday morning, and one of the first things I saw was one more fucking online petition. So I started scrolling, but my eyeballs were tracking up to finish reading the text of the petition. Which never happens for me. But this is an odd year for both politics and the primary, and I celebrate the weird. Here’s some snippets:

“The Presidential Election of 2016 has seen support and enthusiasm for progressive politics like never seen before in the history of the United States. The Bernie Sanders campaign has united Independents, Progressive Democrats, Green Party voters, Democratic Socialists, unregistered voters, young first-time voters, and disenfranchised Democrat and Republican voters too. The Sanders campaign has risen to historic, record-breaking heights in fundraising for both numbers of individual contributions, as well as, number of individual contributors, with a mere average of $27 per contribution. The Sanders’ campaign is the campaign of the people, for the people and one in which millions of us have been waiting for but had almost lost hope it was possible.”


“Please join me in asking the Green Party of the United States, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Progressive Democrats of America, and the Sanders campaign and supporters to join forces to create a unified voting block to propel Bernie Sanders into the White House and to create THE LARGEST progressive voting block the United States have ever seen. It’s time!

This political revolution is not about one candidate, it’s about all of us. We should fight like hell to get Bernie Sanders in the White House, but if Bernie does not win the nomination of the Democratic Party, let’s not be unprepared to unite our votes! Let’s not dissipate this historic enthusiasm for progressive politics; let’s unite for our common causes of social and economic equality, to end mass incarcerations, end injustices of police brutality, to restore, protect, and preserve our planet, to maintain a woman’s right to choose, ensure equal pay for equal work, raise the minimum wage, guarantee health care for all, and be sure nobody working full-time lives in poverty.”

Am I asking Americans to abandon the Democratic Party to form a Progressive Independent Party with members of the Greens, Democratic Socialists, Independents, and disenfranchised progressives that feel forced to vote Dem because “lesser of two evils”? You bet your ass I am. In a nation where most people don’t vote because they already feel left out, a Progressive Independent Party that is inclusive and engaged with regular people not only makes sense, but will be an incredible voice against establishment politics. People like to sit around and bitch about “them gub’mints”, but rarely do the same people do a single fucking thing about it.

Well, here’s your chance. Since I’m a research-oriented bastard, I tracked down the woman who submitted the original petition and the unity platform. Her name is Araquel Bloss, and she’s dead serious about this movement. There’s already a Facebook page set up, and there will be a torrent of articles in every corner of social media before we attract the attention of the mainstream press. And yes, I just switched to “we” while describing this political organization. Because I am this organization. So are you. You’re already home if you’ve come to the realization that the DNC doesn’t represent your ideals. You’re already home if you think a political party’s platform should include real plans to overturn Citizen’s United, criminal justice reform, a solution to climate change, reality-based cannabis policy, income inequality, and a foreign policy that doesn’t include starting stupid fucking wars for fun and profit.

Americans are sick and tired of waiting for our elected officials to just fucking do their jobs. And the politicians don’t have to, because nobody votes. They aren’t accountable because there’s no legitimate reason for them to be. You want your voice heard in DC? Then hop on board and join a political party that represents you. I’ll post more on this as we all become more involved. The entrenched establishment doesn’t want change- since they left us a long time ago, it’s time for us to leave them and handle this shit on our own. The Progressive Independent Party can be a massive force in American politics. Let’s do this.

10 Responses to The Progressive Independent Party: The Case For A New Path Forward

  1. Shelley Richbart says:

    Now, how do we actually do this?

    • Araquel Bloss says:

      Please first sign the petition to show all involved progressive parties AND the world of establishment politics that we are serious about creating the largest progressive voting bloc this country has ever seen! Next, join the FB page for updates and volunteer opportunities as we start the groundwork and collaboration for this to work! Thank you, Araquel.

      • Anne Harper says:

        Where is a petition to sign?

      • Araquel,

        I had a little trouble finding your petition. I would suggest making it easier to find. That said, i did find it, and I am so glad l did. You are in the right place at the right time. I live in Tampa, If i can help in any way, please let me know. I am a veteran of the Viet Nam anti war movement, the Chicago convention in 1968, and I am ready to go again.

  2. Philip Uhrich says:

    What I fear more than Trump, is a vote for Hillary that green lights more corruption and oppression by the 1%.

  3. HRivera says:

    Are you guys working with ?

  4. cameron styles says:

    Savvy comments . I loved the specifics – Does anyone know if my business can access a fillable TX Petition for Divorce – Set A form to edit ?

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