Progressives, For The Sake Of The Country, Stop Splitting Hairs

Half the damn country’s waking up pissed every morning. Or in genuine concern for friends and loved ones. Some people are waking up in real fear. And Fear is the hottest stock on the planet. Right now is not the time for progressives to nit pick democrats on what Congress is doing. Or isn’t doing. To put a finer point on it, progressives need to stop splitting hairs and come together for the national good. There’s an immediate threat to the country to be dealt with.

The Democrats are a regional party with a national presence. There is no other legitimate way to put it. 25 years of unfettered neoliberal policies are directly responsible for the current political landscape. Jake Johnson wrote in Common Dreams last year:

“Since the presidency of Bill Clinton, Democrats have become increasingly anti-ideological (in word), opting instead for an approach cloaked in the garb of objectivity and pragmatism: No longer, for instance, would liberals favor, in principle, labor over business.

And with the rise of neoliberalism came an aversion to the politics and projects of the left, including its persistent support for the working class, its focus on rising income inequality, and its opposition to the entrenched free market consensus.

Riding the tide of an evolving Democratic Party, liberals came to embrace the riches of corporate sponsorship, abandoning, as a result, the party’s working class base.”

The time for arguing how the Democratic Party can do something, anything for average Americans is over. There is no major political party in this country representing 70% of its citizens in any level of government.

Nearly 70% of the country has less than a grand in savings.

There is no anti-war party representative in any level of government.

Militarized police are protecting an oil company’s right to poison the Missouri River.

We are a nation led by litigators who seek loopholes instead of solutions.

Passing any progressive legislation goes against everything neoliberals stand for. That’s why, in 2017, basic human and civil rights are being debated. Because if we settled things like settled science and basic fucking health care- particularly for women- we’d get around to wondering why both parties are nothing more than a PR firm for the ruling class.

Stop trying to save the Democratic Party. Let them be the political party of affluent Americans with a ground floor social conscience. Domestically. Bombing countries is fine as long as you let the victims of your foreign policy into America with all the open arms that a 22 month vetting process allows.

If you don’t want to vote for a party who’s stated goal in the 2016 Presidential election was to win by courting Jeb Bush republicans instead of progressives and union members (not leadership) and middle class and poor Americans of all political ideologies- don’t vote for Democrats.

Nearly half the country doesn’t vote. And half of the people that do vote hold their nose while casting a ballot. Because they aren’t represented. It’s only a matter of time before all of the people in this country with no money and no power look around and realize how much more of us there are than our rulers.


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