Sometimes, Violence IS The Answer

There is absolutely nothing that anyone could say to convince me to believe anything short of hitting the reset button on our current system of rule will stop the acceptance of poisoning people for profit. We rightfully lionize a senator or representative when they are the lone voice of humanity inside DC. Hell, we make movies about them. Because it’s only one person. Because our senators and representatives and state legislatures and governors are collectively nothing more than the press liaison to the public for our oligarchy.

If you’re outraged that an organization like Black Bloc exists, that they smash shit and punch Nazis, here’s why: when those folks wake up and look outside, they don’t see republicans or democrats- they see people who poison water and profit, or people who die from having their water poisoned.

Sometimes, violence is the answer. 

8 people died nearly seven years ago in the San Bruno pipeline explosion, and a Federal judge just delayed sentencing PG&E to a $3 million fine and probation. Not an individual, but the corporation. Know what they delay is about?

California’s largest utility is asking a federal judge not to restructure its bonus program for employees or require an advertising campaign publicizing its conviction.”

Flint fucking Michigan.

We live in a country where the government decides not if a corporation is allowed to poison the water supply or the air supply or the food supply or the land, but how much at one time they are allowed to poison and consume. And some of you voted for these lovely people.

Our rights are nothing more than bargaining chips dangled in front of us to see what we’re willing to give up in order to keep one particular chip or the other until the next election cycle.

The Pentagon “can’t account for” 6.5 trillion (with a T) dollars and not a single person marches for that. $6.5 trillion dollars. Of taxpayer money. So fuck your health care. Fuck your equal rights. Fuck your education. Fuck your choices. Fuck your bodies. Fuck your land. Fuck your air. Fuck your water. Bootstraps, motherfucker. Find and pull.

White people bitch about Chicago, Detroit, Every Ghetto USA. Laugh at the ghetto over poor black people killing poor black people. Point to the hood and say it’s some liberal’s fault. Not even thinking for a second that the moment the Civil Rights Voting Act passed, the hood became a test lab for how business and government could profit from laws built around circumventing those rights.

Then we got to find out how much money could be generated by dropping tons of cocaine and crack in the ghetto. That wasn’t partisan, that was a partnership. And now it’s hit the Bible Belt. Prescription drugs, heroin and meth overdoses are through the roof. All of the sudden, white people in the Heartland are witnessing for the first time what happens when a government partners with business to drop a shit ton of drugs on your community and rake in cash. And the Heartland didn’t have to endure an always of institutionalized racism, because they were on the other side of that particular robe.

We aren’t going to incrementally legislate our way out of this.



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  1. Brenda Schouten Beckett says:

    Another superb essay. Getting it out to my contacts at Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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