The Terrorism We Should Worry About Is On Our Own Soil

In high school, I had what one would call an “irrational fear”. While at school one day, a voice over the intercom announced there was a bomb threat on the campus, and that all classes were to lock their doors and seek shelter. With colossal beads of sweat falling off me, I hid under my desk, knees pressed to my chest hard enough to fracture a rib. Fortunately, nothing happened, and the school was cleared. But this bred what even myself would now call an irrational fear. A fear of something that in all likelihood won’t happen. I stayed home from school for an entire week after that incident, guarded by the comfort of my dingy Westside home.

However, when I thought about the fear actually coming to fruition, I never once pictured a brown man in a turban, screaming “Allahu Akbar” as he shelled the school. I evoked a person with the same pigment as myself, because that is what the majority of terrorist threats in this country look like today.

When Trumps executive order to ban travel from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen for ninety days went through, it put some citizen’s minds at ease, and others in havoc. I instantly thought of my fifteen-year-old self, crouched under my dilapidated desk, praying to a god I wasn’t certain existed, and thought; I had more sense in high school than the adults who approve of this ban have now.

Since 9/11, a majority of mass killings have come from American born citizens, in most cases, with white skin. White citizens like Kyle Aaron Huff of the Capitol Hill massacre in 2006, Dylann Roof of the Charleston church shooting in 2015, and Robert Lewis Dear, Jr of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting in 2015. I could fill this whole damn piece with names of Americans who carried out terrorist acts.

But you won’t hear Trump call these acts of terrorism, when they most certainty are, as terrorism is any act of violence or intimidation towards citizens with a political aim. No, instead he uses the Muslim immigrants as his fear mongering scapegoat for the evils that are habitually caused by citizens born right here in ‘Merica, then proceed to fault mental illness, as most right-winged politicians do. Though this is the only instance you will hear the words ‘Mental Illness’ uttered from a republican’s mouth, but I digress.

Bottom-line, the biggest terrorist threat to America are the American people. Trump is implementing an irrational fear into the minds of everyone who perceives the face of terrorism in the color brown. Even if the millions of innocent immigrants who are being denied access had a terrorist agenda, they would have no need to carry it out; We’re already killing each other.





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    Superb essay.

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