Tom Perez Is The Perfect DNC Chair For This Moment In Time

The DNC voted today to send a message to a country where millions of people are reeling and nervous and scared and pissed and in the streets protesting. That message was “Corporate donors and suburban Republicans are the future of the Democratic Party”. Nancy Pelosi said in January that “people don’t want a new direction” for the Dems. It’s their brand that needs repackaging is all. The message needs to be sent back to the Vote-Bringer3000 for a little retooling.

So what does a party do when their message is “We feel just fine about losing 1,031 seats nationwide over the last eight years, and look forward to taking your money so we can lose more”? They abandoned the 50 state strategy, they gave all the influence back to the lobbyists, and they’ve all but ceded every district in the US that isn’t a major metropolitan area to the GOP. So what is their fucking strategy outside of “we’re gonna keep running candidates because we keep getting paid Oprah money to do so no matter what the outcome”?

It’s not even the party leaders that need to admit they’re conservatives with a semblance of a social conscience- it’s their voters. Registered Democrats across the country should be, and many are, leaving the party over the absolutely, undeniably terrible choices in leadership and direction. Keith Ellison- a guy who most people genuinely like and takes a ton of corporate money- was too far to the left to lead the DNC. And he pledged to quit his job in congress to focus on electing more Democrats. He’s too extreme. So let’s go with the guy who said this:


“We heard loudly and clearly yesterday from Bernie supporters that the process was rigged, and it was. And you’ve got to be honest about it. That’s why we need a chair who is transparent.”

Apparently, part of being transparent includes putting the same faces and ideologies in power that rigged the primary and expecting people to show up and vote for your candidates. This isn’t even funny anymore. I don’t care where you go- Democratic Socialists, Green, Silly Walks, the Draft Bernie for a People’s Party movement, or Joe’s Bar. The Democrats have made it clear to the country that they’re doing just fine, thank you. Now give them all your money because Donald Trump is a monster.

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